I don’t know why I’m still relevant – Sound Sultan

As far as the current generation of Nigerian musicians is concerned, one name that cannot be tossed aside is that of Sound Sultan.

Born Olanrewaju Fasasi, Sound Sultan released his first commercially successful song, Jagbajantis in 2000. And ever since, he has been churning out songs loaded with meaningful messages.

Sunday Scoop reached out to the singer to find out the formula he employs to stay relevant. He said, “To be honest with you, I don’t know why I’m still here. It’s not like I have any secret. I just try to stay true to myself even though the world may want you to be like everybody else. I love making music and I have decided to stick to it while constantly giving my best. Most importantly, I owe whatever success I have achieved to God. If not for God, I wouldn’t be here. If I want to give any advice, I would say put God first and be humble.”

Speaking further, he said, “I started music because I knew I had the flair for it. I was always around music and my elder brother, Baba Dee, also influenced me in that regard. As of that time, there wasn’t much money in the industry and it was more about the passion that one had.


Asked to mention his favourite out of all his songs, Sound Sultan said, “I really don’t have any favourite because I believe my best is yet to come. Inasmuch as I still have life, I believe I would be able to come up with something better. I believe in passing messages across with my songs because really, that is the essence of music in the first place.”

Source: Punch


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