How To Get Married on a 20k Salary (Must Read)


If age is no longer on your side, you have found the woman you want to marry but your salary is the barrier between you and your marital promised land, you earn 20k or a little more per month, your sexual urge is getting uncontrollable, you are over 30 and your fiancee wouldn’t mind settling down with you, here is the practical way to survive on a 20k salary!

1. Pay your tithe 10%

2. Save 10%

3. Get a room apartment where you will not be paying more than 2k per month.

4. With neighbours, your NEPA bill should not be more than #500:00.

5. Feeding for both you and wife not more than 10k. Always buy your foodstuff in bulk every month, you will save lots of money.

6. Keep 10% for emergencies, that is 2k.

7. The remaining #1,500 will be shared between you and your wife as pocket money. You 1k, wife, #500.

Now listen: you can only do this on the conditions given below:

1. Your wife will get a job to assist you financially so that both of you will put money together to start a business, look for a higher paying job or run your vision that will yield profits, enlarge you and move to a higher level of comfort and wealth. Discuss this thoroughly in courtship and ensures she agrees. That is what courtship is about: to discuss your future and see if you can walk together (Amos 3:3).

2. No baby for the first 2 years while you both work harder and get something better or extra doing to cater for the baby. Discuss this thoroughly. Visit a family planning clinic and get an advise on which family planning method will work for you. Withdrawal sometimes fail and calculating the ovulation period is not completely reliable but if she is very diligent, can consistently monitor her ovulation, you may take the risk but combining with CD is better (I’m talking to mature adults here).

3. There will be pressure from your family especially your mother for her to get pregnant. Stand up for her, shield her, be a man and let your mum know that for personal reasons, it’s your decision for her to delay pregnancy. Marriage is for mature men and women, not for boys and girls. You should be responsible and have the final say in your marriage. Your decisions are between you and your wife, whatever anyone else says is secondary! Protect her from your family, stand up for her!

4. Pray diligently and consistently for God to enlarge you.

5. Map out practical plans for you to achieve your dreams.

6. Have the faith that can move mountains! The Bishop Oyedepo and Fela Durotoye’s type of faith: These men had almost nothing when they started but their wives were working and assisted them till they broke through.

You can make it before you get married. You don’t have to get married on a salary of 20k. The Lord can surprise you with a better job, profitable business or great contracts before you marry, if not yet then don’t wait till you are in your 50s before you settle down.

“Two are better than one…” is what the Holy Book says. With your wife’s full support and strong faith in you, you will break through the ceiling of limitation and emerge into your glorious destiny. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you, cheers!

Seun Oladele, 2017.