God Revealed To Me On The Mountain To Take Off My Dread – Actor, Hank Anuku

The Nigerian movie industry has indeed given birth to great talents and each day that passes by, more talents are being discovered.

The sad part of it is that some of these raw talents are beginning to better life elsewhere because of the situation of the economy which is not friendly.

When one talks about action movies or very daring roles, actor like, Hank Anuku’s name always comes to play that producers and directors always want to have him on their set but since relocating to Ghana, that vacuum has not been filled.

Hank, recently speaking with Nollywoodgists.com talks about his new life in Ghana as he also went on to explain why he recently took off his dreads.

How often do you visit Nigeria and any hope of returning if things get better?

I love my country equal and despite its troubles I will return in God’s time to help restructure it’s broken course.

You recently took off your dreads, why did you decide to take them off?

I went to pray on the mountain and God gave me an instruction and I took the initiative to comply.

How many years have you had them on?

I had dreadlocks for 4years.

Since you left the Nollywood industry, it looks as if you are not getting the popularity as before, do you see things that way?

My popularity can never diminish because it’s God’s blessing for the emancipation of his chosen ones and even now I’m very popular here and they are missing me in Nigeria a lot and it’s natural that I miss them too because I love them.

People feel you are now calm compared to the past where you were seen gyrating and having fun with bikers in Delta state; will you say Politics played a vital role in your transformation?

I’m a biker for life and my bikers are a part of my strength, change is a constant force, so I’m just swinging alongside until God says otherwise. God played a vital role on my life not politics or political ambitions.

Source: Naijaloaded

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  • We miss you so much,
    pls we wanna see you back in Nollywood.
    Infact nollywood is too boring since you relocate to Ghana.
    Before dreadlock matter, I appreciate so much you now look like a gentle man.
    Nigeria miss you #Hank.

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