Man murders his nurse lover after his humiliated doctor wife was forced to deliver their love child

A Russian doctor suffered the humiliation of delivering her husband’s love child before he murdered his nurse mistress when she got pregnant again.

Anaesthetist Radion Nurmukhametov, 27, was jailed for murder after beating and strangling Kristina Melnik in a blood donors’ room in the emergency department of the hospital where all members of the love triangle worked.

The couple’s second child died in her womb because of the frenzied attack in Kizil, southern Russia.

The anaesthetist’s wife Olga had forgiven him after he promised to end his relationship with the 27-year-old nurse following the birth of her love child daughter Alyonka – even though she had been the duty gynaecologist and had no alternative but to suffer humiliation and deliver the baby.

But he secretly continued the affair even though his wife was also pregnant. Olga gave birth to her own child by the medic six months after she had acted as midwife for her husband’s lover.

The court heard that divorced Kristina became pregnant for the second time by Nurmukhametov as Olga was in hospital having her child.

Their affair was conducted mainly while both were on night duty at the hospital where Olga, also 27, worked too.
He told the judge from the accused’s cage in court: ‘I wanted to stay with my wife.’

His lover had been away on a medical course when she found out she was pregnant for the second time by Nurmukhametov, and delayed telling him, the court heard.

When he found out, he demanded she had an abortion – but she refused, saying she wanted to keep the child and anyway it was too late, according to reports in Russia.

Pleading for leniency, he told the judge he was in a state of ‘mental trauma’ when he attacked his mistress, viciously beating her then strangling her with medical tape in February this year, before calling the police and admitting the murder.

The judge rejected his plea and jailed him for 15 years in a maximum security prison.



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