Nigerian Boy Found By Good Samaritan After Going Missing In Rome

A little Nigerian boy left his parents paranoid after going missing while on vacation at the Basilica in the Vatican City,in Rome, Italy.

The young boy was later reunited with his parents after being found by a female good samaritan.

The boy’s father, Theodore Okwu Ejike Ekechi took to facebook to reveal how he was found.

He wrote;

In the euphoria of being admitted to the Basilica, our little son slipped from our tight grip. By the time we realised we’re short-one, euphoria dissolved to hysteria.

The ensuing traumatic drama was indescribable as the entire St Peter’s Square resonated with our loud but palpable search wailing. It was like we cried in ‘tongues’ as almost all visitors from different walks of life could decode our heart-broken cries for help.

Some instinctively joined us in this race against time. We feared the worst with a fast receding consolation that we’re in a holy land. As the Swiss Police were preparing to raise “A MISSING PERSON’ alert, this good Samaritan with a Vatican Swiss (Secret) Police showed up cuddling in her arms my little Thierry Okenze Aguguom who himself was then exhausted and wet in his own tears.

Thank you Lord… Thierry got missing BUT FOUND.