Nigerian man calls out Facebook lady he loved, but she chose to dupe him

Guys, it seems it’s going to be a long week of Facebook drama as we’ve already got another one, and here’s the gist. A Nigerian man, Okon Akpabio, has taken to Facebook to call out a Facebook lady, Inomesit Ekoh, who he fell in love with but she chose to dupe him instead.

Here’s his rant;

“I meet this woman named INEMESIT EKOH on Facebook sometimes in 2015 and became friends.

We kept on chatting and at a stage we exchanged mobile numbers. I asked her where she is based and she said Uyo. Where are you from and she said Etinan. I asked her what her was her genotype type and she told me she will get back to me after checking her NYSC identity card, she later got back to me and said AA and I told her I’m good to go with her. The relationship became strong and tight even without seeing me physically, she started calling me SWEET SWEET names and started requesting for data and airtime which I never stopped from giving her.

At some stage, I invited her to visit me and she said she would love to visit me but she has to travel to Aba where she served(NYSC) to carry her house property but she doesn’t have money.

I asked her about her parents and she said her dad is late and the mum is very poor

I asked her how much she would need to transport her house property from Aba to Uyo and she said 30k and I asked her to how do I send money to her and she said she has account with UBA and sent me this account number 2085806496 and posted the money to her. She traveled to Aba according to her and at about few minutes to 4pm where bank are billed to close, she called me and told me the lawyer in charge of the house she lived had locked up her house saying she has to pay for the 9 months she is owing and I asked her how much and she said 45k at that stage she was calling me every 3 to 5 minutes begging me to help her so I had to rush to Bank and send her the money

She thanked me and told me she will be going back to Uyo the next day but meanwhile she is going to AKTC to charter a bus that will convey her property home

We continue to chat and at a stage I reminded her about her proposed visit

She told me she has something serious to tell me and that she is begging me not to get angry with her I assured her not to be angry and she told me that she was lying to me that she had moved her load to Uyo.She went on to tell me that she used the money for something else.She told me she would be leaving for Aba the following day with her elder sister NSINI EKOH with mobile number 07065923149 she told me her mother was going to send them money that when they get to Aba, they will pick up the money.

I quickly call the mother on mobile number 08022823587 and the mother told me that she has no money to send to them that they are going to languish in that Aba so I called her and told them what their mother had told me so at that stage, everything about them rested on my shoulder meanwhile I have never seen them face to face but I send them money for feeding and transport. I don’t know if they were fooling me to get all that cash

Later i send her transport money and she came to visit me and on her first visit, I took her to sweet sansation to go and eat and she was like to eat or not to eat but she requested for a take away and we left on getting home she told me she has no dresses that her elder sister usually wears her cloths and whenever she does that, she would leave such dresses for her. I told her I have heard. Lest I forget as I opened my room door for her to enter, as soon as she stepped her feet on my parlour, she said “I can’t live here” on my mind I thought she lives in a glass house so I was dumbfounded and I said to my self that this woman must be a classy one. I swallowed my spit

The next day I asked her to check the kitchen and come up with what she would need to buy and make soup she did and I asked her how much she would need and she said I should give her any amount and I said to her so if I give you N500 or N1000 that will be good for you and she said” if you give me one thousand, I will cook one thousand naira soup you give me two thousand naira soup and I will cook two thousand naira soup ” so I gave her N10,000

To be continued”

Facebook lady

Facebook lady


He continued;

“Still on INEMESIT EKOH matter, she went to the market came back and cook the soup

Few days later she requested I give her money to buy some dresses for her self and since my work did not give me chance and for the love I had for her, I gave her my ATM and she went and withdraw money and purchase so many cloths for herself and when she came back, she displayed those cloths and I queried her for the choice of most of the cloths that were seemingly oversized and she said those ones will serve her as gown when she get pregnant and I said no problem

While she was checking the cloths she was communicating her home people so at a stage she said I have to buy cloth for her mum so that she will use that to convince them mum to allow her to marry me I laughed and told her that’s a good idea and I now asked her how much the cloth will cost and she said 12k and I gave her.

Before I know a call entered her phone and she picked and the caller was a man they talked and the guy asked her where she was and she said Lagos the guy said why did she leave for Lagos without telling him and she apologized and said the trip took her unawares so the guy asked her what she was going to buy for her and she said she will buy him singlet and the guy said he has a lot of singlet so Inemesit Ekoh now said” I would have loved to buy you boxer but I don’t know how your thing long reach” so when she dropped the call I asked as who the guy was and she said the guy is her choir master in The Mount Zion light house, aka offort, Uyo and at that point I asked her if the man or guy had given her money for the purchase of such cloths she was talking about. She did not utter a word.

I told her I did not expect such word she used when she was talking with her choir master. The next day she was back to Balogun market where she bought clothes and at a stage she called me and said that there is no more money in my account and I said why?

She said it’s like there is nothing again so I told her to slot in the ATM again and select savings since the same card is taking care of my savings and current account so she got the money she needed to complete her purchases which included customized polo t shirt she was going to use for her birthday which was coming up on November 23rd 2016

She hurriedly arranged her stuffs with a bag of rice she collected from my block leader which I later pay

I took her with my Bus to AKTC at Ojuelegba with enough money and I added $100 US Dollars

She departed for Uyo

I will continue later from the drama I got from her , her sister and the mother”

Facebook lady

Facebook lady


And he also wrote;

“Still on INEMESIT Okon Ekoh encounter with me.

Incidentally the day she was traveling back to Uyo Saturday 19th November 2016 my colleague happened to take his wife to Ojuelegba for her to travel to Unical in Cross River for her NYSC posting letter when she got to know as I called them to meet us at where I parked, she was very angry and I asked her why and she said she doesn’t like to join her business with others. I didn’t mind her, I carried them and dropped them off at Ojuelegba before heading to AKTC and on the way I asked her how it would’ve looked like to have left them behind when we were going to the same location

I dropped her and she told me she can take care of herself so I left and went straight to my mechanic for the servicing of my bus so I came back home later in the day and to my surprise my room door was not locked so I pushed the door only to see her lying down on my rug. I was shocked. I won’t say what she asked me to do. She said her luggage is at AKTC bus terminal and on the following day she left for Uyo

November 23 she celebrated her birthday

She later on informed me about her property at where she rented a house before she went for her NYSC she went on to narrate how she is owing her landlord 27k and she has to clear that debt before she would be allowed to move her property. I send her 30k and the mum called me later to tell me that first thing the following day they will go and clear the debt and pack their load.

After xmass and new year

In January 2017 she opted to come so I send her transport fare

The day she came I went to wait for her at the AKTC bus terminal and on her arrival I sneaked to collect her luggage from behind and when she turned to see me, she was very angry and I asked her why she is behaving that way or can’t I play with her? She did not utter any word rather she was staring and one man whom she later went and collected his mobile number and we left and as I was driving, I asked her who the man was and she said her Church member. As we were going she asked me how she could get to Apapa and I directed her.

When we got to my base, she call her home to inform them about her safe arrival. Thereafter they started reminding her of what she will buy for them.

The next day she told me that we have to change the doors and windows curtains and she would love to buy some plates so I gave her money but when she came back from market and showed me those curtains, they were a far cry from the money she took to the market how ever she reserved half of the curtains for her use in Uyo

More and more pressure was coming from home and she kept telling them that things are not like the last time she came

Few days later, she started feigning pregnancy and demanded we go to the hospital for pregnancy test. We went for the test and the test was carried out at 3k. When the result came out, it was negative and I left disappointed. Before I go further, she is the one that told me that she would want to be pregnant for me first and when the pregnancy is matured
I will now wed her and before anybody knows, she has put to birth.

Next information she got from home was that the mum felled and sustained injury on her legs and I told her to go and send 5k to her mum while I left for work that day and when I came back from work, she was singing a different song by telling me that the latest news from home is that her family is holding a meeting in her village and at the end of the meeting, they will share her father’s property for them. She said they can not hold that meeting without her since she was the only educated person in her family. Not quite long the mum called me and asked to find money by all means for her to return back with the promised that she will come back to Lagos as soon as they are through with the meeting.

My would be wife now start asking me for money to rent a house in Uyo so that I can lodge there with her whenever I come to Uyo she was not yet done she said if any of my family member comes in from abroad, they will lodge there(insult)

She demanded for money to make a wardrobe for her shoes and cloths I asked her why does she need all these when she will soon relocate to Lagos and she said she wants to keep her cloths away from her sisters reach besides she said she will carry it along to Lagos
As if that was not enough she wanted to go home with my second gas cylinder and I told her no

I later gave her money and a bag of rice for the family and she traveled back to Uyo

On the date she was supposed to go to the village for the meeting, I called her to find out and she told me they are already in the village for the meeting and l hanged the call and call her mother only for the mother to tell me they are yet to go for the meeting. It was there I sense fowl play.

Friday 20 January 2017 she requested for data and I told her I’ll get back to her on Saturday 21 so in the morning I went to get money for her and on my way, she flashed me and I stopped to call her back. I was on that call with her when a sienna Toyota car veered off the road to come and smashed into my bus and condemned my bus

I sustained neck and leg injury and got evacuated to our hospital by my colleague Uwem. I did not send her the card on the day until I left the hospital. I didn’t inform her about the accident reason best known to me but later, I sent her the airtime and data
We did not talk for sometimes and if I chat with her,she will be on line but she will not respond to my chats but I kept on greeting her

After sometimes I called her and we talked and before I hanged up she said guess what imaima and I asked her what was it and she said I should send her money to come that she was pregnant and I asked her if she had confirmed it medically and she said yes so I told her I would want my sister to accompany her to a medical lab for a fresh test for me to believe her and she got angry telling me if she is a baby. At that stage I called my sister to informed her about what was going on and my sister advised me not to give her any more money.
Later she called me and agreed to go for the test with my sister but she said if the test shows that she is pregnant that she was going to abort the pregnancy so with that threat she issued at me, I was scared of loosing that very innocent baby so I now agreed to send her money without my sister knowing.

We started negotiating how much she would need and how much I will send. I agreed to send 10k and she insisted on 20k I said why and she said she was hungry of eating OTTO MBORO she said she was going to buy plenty un ripe banana for the Otto MBORO and i fell into her trap even when my colleague had warned me not to send her even the transport. I said to myself, I love this girl and it is not good to allow her to suffer so instead of 20k I decided to send to her 15k and for hours she didn’t acknowledge so I called her and asked if she had seen the money and she said yes and followed up with a thank you. Before now, she had sent me a picture of her pretending to be pregnant.

I later on called to ask how she was preparing for the trip but could not reach her anymore. Later in the evening she called me with a strange number and told me she went to AKTC for booking against the next day and along the line, she lost her phone that I should send her small money for her to buy a small torchlight phone and I told her to use her mum’s phone and she shouted at me saying if I want her to carry her sims along without phone as if the person that stole her phone had to remove the sims and give her before going with the phone. She ceased to come on air so I told my colleague and he said we should watch that no one had stolen her phone and he said before Valentine day, February 14 she will surely come on air and behold few days to Valentine, she came on air. She chatted and this time pregnancy issues was never discussed anymore.

In May 2017 I traveled home and she saw it on my post the picture i took at the airport and she knew I was in Uyo

Few days later I called her and asked to direct me to their house and she asked to join me at where I was and I told her Ikot Ekpene even though i was in Uyo. I asked her why she wouldn’t want me to see her mum and she said nothing and that was it till I finished my leave and return to resumed work.

Then come Sunday 6th August 2017 when i went through my WhatsApp chats, i stumbled on her profile picture or dp I checked and the picture did not resemble her brother so I saved the picture and send it to her questioning who the man was, instead of her to respond, she quickly changed it to her picture. So I called her and said I want to know her current stand with me and she told me she is at a reception and will call me back which she never did and when I called her and express anger, she went and blocked me on Facebook. I send her a message on WhatsApp to unblocked me otherwise I will let the cat out of the bag and when she refused to unblocked me, I decided to let the cat out of the bag.

And this is the CAT”

Facebook lady

The lady is however yet to respond to this unfolding drama!!