‘Where is your President Nigerians?, Una suffering neva start’ – Actress Georgina Onuoha asks, commends Charlyboy

Georgina Onuoha has commended Charlyboy for having the courage, bravery and wisdom to lead such a wise and needing protest on behalf of Nigerians.

The Nollywood actress in a long post on her Instagram page, tasked Nigerians to support ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ protest as it is for their own good, while also insinuating that those who keep mum over the ill happenings in the country are doing so because they are in bed with those that rob our people of their basic human dignity. She wrote;

The lonely voice in the wilderness.. I will rather walk alone than walk with the crowd and get missing. I salute his courage, I salute his wisdom and I commend his bravery. Only few men of honor are left. 99.9% of us have sold our conscience to the devil, money and greed.

We who are suppose to be the mouth piece of our people given the platform we have, will rather remain silent because we are in bed with those that rob our people of their basic human dignity. We are quick and swift to show off our ill gotten money on social media, yet we can’t speak truth to power. We’ve become a frozen generation, a greedy race and an incorrigible people. We will take deals and gigs an hail those who languish our nations wealth on trivial things.

A non-entity becomes a Local government chairman in less than two, starts building mansions, we praise him and melt jungle justice to an average man that steals garri to feed his family due to hunger and poverty. “Where is Your President Nigerians”? I’ve said it always; those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat its mistakes. 1983 was just like yesterday, under Buhari we will always have SAP, yet Nigerians are mute and pleased to be govern in absentia.

When will you all begin to demand your rights and speak truth to power? we all praise on social media our ignorant elected officials who are busy dancing on social media and displaying fleets of cars and wealth gotten from stealing from the people, yet we adore them. Una suffering no va start, this is just the beginning. Those who objected to the election of Buhari were seen as infidels and cursed out? How is the change working for you all now? Remain silent, instead of demanding answers from your government.

Watch BBN, Kim K, Riri, Beyoncé, etc oh yeah.. they are being taken care of. Join this honorable man @areafada1 and demand accountability from your elected officials. Don’t come on my page to ask me about Buhari because I never voted for him and will never even if I were deaf and dumb. This is your opportunity to demand accountability and speak for your self. Come and beat me if you don’t like my views.


  1. U are a fool…… U sef no folo sufa? Abi u no be Nigerian again? Na solution we want no be 2 come folo dey curse our pple, u beta pass Charlie Boy n d rest of us we dey do protest?????? Keep quiet!!!!!!!!!


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