Read conversation between slay queen and a man she rejected because he is not a Yahoo boy (screenshots)

Internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo boys in Nigeria are known to spend money as fast as they make it.

Some ladies are attracted to the lifestyle lived by Nigerian Yahoo boys because of how well they spend their money.

We came across the story of a Nigerian lady who reportedly rejected an engineer who repairs generators and other machines because he is not a Yahoo boy.

In the screenshots of the conversation between the lady and the engineer, the man explained to the lady that he is an engineer and he repairs generators. The lady immediately rejected him, saying that she only dates Yahoo boys.

Read conversation below:

It is believed that Yahoo boys spend money the way they do because they don’t work for the money they get.



  1. The young lady is very very rude and a shameless idiot. She forgets that the engineer has a hand work and the young man can take care of her more than a yahoo guy!!!


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