#ReturnorResign Protest entered day 6 on Saturday

The protest by #ReturnOrResign coalition entered its sixth day on Saturday with the protesters urging President Muhammadu Buhari to resign because the country cannot continue to pay the medical bills of a sick leader.

The group insisted that President Buhari should resume or resign. It described Buhari as the “President of a cabal.”

The protesters added that Buhari had remained accessible to only a few people who knew his health status contrary to his pledge on the day of his inauguration when he said, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.”

Speaking during their sit-in at the Unity fountain, Maitama, Abuja, a member of the #OurMumuDonDo movement, Adebayo Raphael, urged the President to resign honourably.

He said, “Nigeria cannot continue to pay the medical bills of a sick president who is inaccessible to Nigerians but only to a cabal. On the day of his inauguration, Buhari said he belonged to nobody. But today, he is only accessible to a few people. He is the president of a cabal.

“All Nigerians must rise up and speak truth to power. Time has come for all Nigerians to put an end to the shenanigans. As a president who preached accountability, transparency and integrity, we are calling on him to listen to the voice of Nigerians by doing the honourable thing – resign.”

Convener of the protest, Deji Adeyanju, argued that governance had been grounded to a halt on account of the President’s absence.

“Governance is suffering; you can see the poor budget performance because there is no solid supervision in government. That is a key issue we are calling the government to be accountable for. Even the anti-corruption war is suffering as anyone can see,” he stated.

The activist alleged that the pro-Buhari group was sponsored to attack #ReturnOrResign coalition on Friday in order to get the police to issue a blanket ban on protests in the Federal Capital Territory.

“Our colleagues (pro-Buhari supporters) are not here today (Saturday). Money cannot buy passion or commitment. The journalists saw what happened on Friday; they surged towards us but we were protected by some security men. We know there is a plan to encourage them to attack us so that the FCT police command could issue a blanket ban on protests in Abuja,” Adeyanju noted.

Various pro-government groups had sprung up in defence of the President since the #ResumeOrResign coalition took to the streets last Monday.

The groups have also enjoyed official protection as they were given police guards every time they marched to the Aso Villa in support of Buhari.

Source: ( Punch Newspaper )

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