Secret Behind Why Actress Opeyemi Ayeola Doesn’t Wear Jewelry

Many are startled and wondered why Nollywood star actress, Opeyemi Ayeola does’nt wear jewelry any longer. As some linked it to religious rite others related it to a price paid for her marriage but we can authoritatively reveal here what led to her departure with jewelry.

Opeyemi recently divulged that reason behind her departure with jewelry is not far within the reach, and it has connection with God but not religion.

In her espousal, Opeyemi said, her inability to concieve after years of marriage led her to a covenant with God, “I studied myself critically and fished out something that i can’t do without, later I discovered that if I left my home without wearing my jewelry and I’ve got to the halfway, i will make a u-turn.

“This implies that i can’t do without my jewelry because i do travel abroad purposely to shop for jewelry alone. Having discovered this, i made a covenant between myself and God that if God can give me baby between now and next year, i will give up jewelry, i will only be seen with my wedding ring and wrist watch and to God who made me, I concieved that very month.

“As a matter of fact, I’ve forgotten the covenant I had with God, it was my husband that reminded me and relate the story of Abraham with me,” she revealed.

Source: Media Helm

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