See the Staggering Amount Mayweather Earned After Fight with McGregor

Following the historic fight Mayweather won yesterday, the amount he earned has been revealed.
According to AOL, Floyd Mayweather, 40 is slated to earn a pretty penny – about $250 to $300 million dollars, $100 million of that just for showing up and another $150 million to 200 million from pay per view after winning his historic 50th victory.
Conor McGregor on the other hand is slated to rake in $30 million just for showing up plus pay per view earnings, giving him a total that is higher than all of his previous prize money combined.
Mayweather who is unbeaten also disclosed that a $400,000 dollar bet on himself to win by knockout in under nine and a half rounds had been refused by bookmakers on The Strip just hours before the Sin City fight heard its first bell.
“For the last month I didn’t do no sparring,” Mayweather said. “I wanted my hands to be 100 percent for the fight. I wanted my hands to be solid. My hands are real brittle, you know that.”
“I wanted my hands to be solid so when I came out here and I’m shooting hard shots, I was able to put the guy down,” he explained, admitting that he was “shocked” by McGregor’s ability to switch from mixed martial arts to boxing.
“That was the plan. Let him come out trying to kill me with big shots early on, and then beat him down the stretch. My father thought it would be six or seven. It took a little longer.”
The two smiled home with huge cash to spend. While Mayweather will earn around 50 per cent of overall takings from the fight, McGregor’s purse was guaranteed at $30m (£23.3m), which will rise to around $75m once royalties and pay per view numbers are in.

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