Suicide Bombing: Boko Haram used 145 girls for attacks in 7 months (Details)

At least 145 girls have been used for suicide bombings by the deadly Boko Haram sect in the last seven months.

There are reports that 145 girls have been used by the Boko Haram sect for suicide bombing missions between January and July 2017.

In a report by Punch, the dreaded sect have deployed the girls strapped with locally made Improvised Explosive Devices to internally displaced persons camps as well as Muna Garage, Mammanti village, Jiddari Polo, Ummarari and Dalori, all in Borno State.

The report also indicated that the figure was sourced from the military anti-insurgency operation, Operation Lafiya Dole, the National Emergency Management Agency and the Borno State Police Command.

The report further broke down the statistics of the suicide attack as at least 15 in a month between January 2017 and July 2017.

January 2017:

At least 15 girls died; On January 16, two female bombers were killed in Baran Kaura village, Borno, while two other girls were killed in Kalari area, while trying to gain entry into a mosque.

February 2017:

10 casualties were recorded; two female bombers died behind the Mega Filling Station, along Maiduguri-Damboa Road, while on February 17 and 24, four female bombers were killed in Muna Dalti and Banki areas, respectively.

March 2017:

An estimated 15 deaths of the female bombers were recorded; two female bombers killed on March 13, while attempting to enter Maiduguri through Ummarari area, while four female bombers died after detonating in Usmanti area along Muna Garage, two days after.

April 2017:

Two female bombers died in a mosque in the Jiddari Polo area, while on April 26, NEMA confirmed the death of four female bombers, who attacked Muna Garage and Muna Usmanti areas of Borno.

May 2017:

On May 3, three teenage female bombers were killed, while trying to attack a military base known as Gontanamo in the Muna Garage area. The corpses were evacuated by NEMA workers.

June 2017:

30 girls were killed; Four female bombers died on June 19 in the Dalori IDPs camp and Dalori Kofa village, after killing 16 people.

July 2017:

30 girls were killed; There was a further upsurge in the spate of female suicide bomb attacks, also attested to by the police and the army authorities.

The Borno State Police Command on July 12 confirmed the death of four female suicide bombers who detonated at a funeral, killing 12 Civilian Joint Task Force members and injuring 23 other persons.

The Defence Headquarters admitted that the Boko Haram terrorists sent out the girls on suicide missions with babies and IEDs strapped to their bodies.

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