Three Nollywood Movie Pirates Arrested With N50m Worth Of Materials At Alaba Market

Three young men suspected to be movie pirates were arrested today during a raid carried out by the newly inaugurated task force on uncensored and unclassified movies by the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB).

The raid led by film distributor Gabriel Okoye aka Igwe Gabosky took place at the popular Alaba International market.

Films and equipments worth over N50million were seized from the suspects.

The suspects are currently being interrogated at Area E Police Command in Festac town.

The suspects were then taken to Area E Police Station Festac Town, Lagos, where they were being interrogated.

Some of the movies that were seized include titles such as ‘Ayamma’, ‘Wedding Party’, ‘Three Wise Men’, ’30 Days in Atlanta’, ‘A Trip to Jamaica’, ‘Lekki Wives’, ‘Wives on Strike’, ‘Jennifer’s Diary’, and ‘Fifty’.


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