Twitter User Threatens To Abort Her 4 Months Pregnancy If She Doesn’t Get 4 Thousand Retweets.

It’s just yet another day on social media, with the attention seeking wannabees – this lady in the photo above has threatened to abort her four months pregnancy if she doesn’t get four thousand retweets.

People have reacted to her post with most blasting her for putting her unborn baby in such a position… But others know she just wants to get attention…

What’s more is that even her baby daddy was unaware that she’s pregnant for him… he then confronted her on the platform, then things got heated between them and she even threatened him that she’ll kill the baby.

Their thread below:

Well, right about now, she’s gotten over 2 thousand retweets, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for the fetus in her… #Sighs

Twitter User Threatens



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