I Want To Join Illuminati – Young Nigerian Man Cries Out

Over the years, some of the world’s most prominent men and women including entertainers, , sportsmen, presidents and other world leaders, have been linked to the secret group known as the Illuminati.

Even though the name has become popular over time, the Illuminati is still regarded as an ‘exclusive’ secret society, which aims to establish a ‘New World Order with a unified world government and a cashless monetary system’.

The Illuminati has become synonymous with enormous wealth and instant fame, and it is in this vein that NAIJ.com reader, Nyerere Emma, hopes to benefit from the group.

The young man wants to join the Illuminati, maybe in hopes of getting rich quick and possibly famous while he’s at it.

He made his intention known in a message he sent to NAIJ, saying “I want to join Illuminati today, come for me today. How can I join Illuminati? I don’t have money and Google account and email account.”


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