Paying tithe is an act of foolishness – Daddy Freeze

Radio personality, Daddy Freeze has been known in recent times for his controversial talks over salient issues, the latest of his comments was about tithing, the OAP said that Paying tithe is foolishness and no Nigerian man of God qualifies to receive your tithe,



  1. I see that you want to become popular at all cost,but this is a cheap way of selling your face to the public.
    Dear Freeze,the tithe paid at the time of the ‘old testament’ were mainly in the form of farm produce because we don’t have banks,insurance companies,factories then where people can work and receive salary monthly,even if they exist you know it must be on a very low side but now we have companies that pay workers monthly and they will bring 1/10th of their salaries to the house of God,that is one.

    Two,please pick a copy of the Christian bible and read the book of Malachi chapter 3 verses 10 to the end.Please,pray before you read

    Three, know that every man will be judged for every spoken word,and the time for that is at hand.

    For more information on tithe,visit a true man of God near you for details.

  2. So you have been owing God all your life and you are not even afraid of dropping dead anytime. Don’t you know that it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of God. If God has blessed you, what does it cost you to give Him a little of what you have? it shows that your fame and money is from the devil.


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