Biafra: Sultan of Sokoto breaks silence on Operation Python Dance

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The Sultan of Sokoto and President-General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has urged Nigerians to live in peace with one another for the unity of the country.

He made the appeal against the backdrop of the rising number of civilian deaths linked with the on-going military invasion of the South-east and the resultant reprisal attacks in various parts of the country.

The monarch, in a statement issued in Sokoto yesterday, said that religious and community leaders should be given a chance to wade into the pockets of tension which threaten the continuous survival of the nation.

He said: “I am calling on all Nigerians to imbibe and embrace the culture and spirit of living in peace, irrespective of tribal, ethnic or regional differences.

“Nigeria would continue to remain one nation with a common goal of purposeful development. The action of some should not be allowed to tear the country apart.

“Bad ones among our people should be called to order by their elders and community leaders.

“I challenge elder statesmen to call the youth to order and educate them on the need for peaceful coexistence in their respective geo-political zones.

“As traditional leaders, we would continue to preach love among the diverse communities in our domains throughout the country.”

The Sultan said Nigeria was brought together by an act of God, despite the different ethnic group, religions and diverse rich and beautiful cultures to form one country. He said God would protect the sovereignty.

He further tasked the federal and state governments as well as security agencies in their collective efforts to bring sustained peace and development to the country.

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  1. Why did you not call Buhari to order before he carried out this wicked act against innocent youths in the SE? As long as this his 95%/5% policy is in motion Nigerians will never be at peace. Stop marginalising some regions. If it was GOD who formed Nigeria it was never his concept for one region to be better than the other. Everything was meant to be equal, nothing like 1st class, 2nd Class or 3rd class citizen, everybody is equal in the sight of GOD but you northerners have spoilt the peaceful coexistence with your born to rule mentality thereby challenging the sovereignty of GOD himself. Your herdsmen go about with AK47 riffles maiming and killing people you never called for their arrest instead you remained mute now you are talking of peace. Mr sultan you are a hypocrite. justify your comments by calling for the arrest of any Fulani herdsman going about with ak47 and declare them a terrorist. Then one can understand that you really are on the part of truth but until you do that please spare us your hypocritical advice. Buhari has murdered innocent people for no reason and now he is terming a whole people terrorist and you did not condemn him.

    • If i may guess you won’t come out and carry gun if need been, instead of you to preach peace as the sultan did you continue saying jagons.

    • chinonso your comment is very disheartening, can you really justify what is happenning to Hausas in your land. Innocent people were slain unreasonably just because of their ethnicity and religion. Nnamdi Kanu everybody knows is partaking and doing all these as a contract, he too knows that it is a loosing battle, before him his stupid father (Ojukwu) tried it but to no avail likewise this time nothing will happen, you must be ruled because you lack manners how could you call respectable and noble person a hypocrite. Nigerian Presidency is just for well cultured human beings not animals. And for your information, Nigeria being united is for your own prosperity and safety, the moment you secede you are no more because ,”you” igbo you dont have that sense of good governance and togetherness, it seems like you are witchhunting one another, and amongst yourselves you know there is hatred and disharmony. Bloody scoundrels. Better guided!

      • my friend stop talking about death northerners as if they are the only victim of the this disastrous conflict.
        what about the the killings of innocent people by herds men in Enugu state.
        what did the so called sultan say about it.
        the killings of the south east in the north nko,
        just, pray to God to intervene by bringing peace into the heart of Nigerians.
        Not jabbing on someone’s comment.

  2. Some ppl are naturally born irresponsible and uncultured. their types are chinonso. remember when a president from d south was on seat, no irresponsible group from d North made country ungovernable for him. In fact, southwest and southeastern leaders of this country enjoy d best support /cooperation of d Northern ppl, why then now, since d emergency of Buhari, d ppl of d Aforementioned zone never seen anything good from his laudable program of transforming d country. It was either d Noughtness fayose, d uncultured fani kayode, d Nigerdelter avengers who in their widest stupidity, warned a sitting president not to step into their region and now, it is d turn of a terrorist group called ipob. If I may ask, where are u when d idiot that called himself Nnamdi kanu referred to a sovereign state of Nigeria as a zoo (who are d animals), where are you when d bastar kanu threatened to burnt down this country, where are you when kanu threatened to go to Abuja on 17th September and return with Buhari’s head, a constitutionally installed president for that matter. Is Buhari his father’s mate, where are you when kanu created his illegal army with a military uniform and his biafra Secret Service (BSS), where are you when Ipob was restricting a constitutionally Nigerian from entering Easter region, why are d Ibos burning d Hausas or Northerners alive, all this happening in a country guided by constitution, now tell me who now called for war, could these b d wisest way of agitating for self determination? If u think Buhari will seat there as a president while a useless individual or terrorist group hold Nigeria to “RANSOM ” it’s capital NO. The interest of d Nation comes first.

  3. “Attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the entire North”.
    Who made this statement and to who and in what occasion?
    “If we do not win 2015 election dogs will leak blood”.
    Who made this statement and to who and in what occasion?
    This is an opportunity for revenge so that what happened in the North will happen to another region. People may be blind in public but in their closet they see clearly because it is difficult to deceive oneself.
    Anyone who claims to love one Nigeria knows what to do to keep Nigeria intact not by mere propaganda of empty words.
    Any leader who does not value life particularly in a democracy should retrace his steps.
    Posterity will judge us all

  4. Nigerians do not value Life.
    what is the value of a life? Do you really know that to be a leader is to be the servant of all ? the value you place on yourself is the value people place on you.
    look at the way Nigerians are treated abroad.
    it is just a pity.

    • his a pity our leaders has eye but the all refuse to see .
      whatever the leader which the people God will make it happen to them all

    • Please my brothers and sisters of this great nation there is a saying in my place that says if you want to stop a war you won’t go and ask them who started it first you just preach peace and forgiveness let’s move for as time goes on they will learn their by them selves without been punish

  5. Those that are clamoring for war should be prepared to dance the war dance . I want to believe that this elderly young has never experience war and may be his parents had not told him the true story . Don’t pray for what happened to our parents happen to us for the foolishness of just one man and in fact , if you sincerely want to go to war please and please , ask the leaders to be at the front and their children and relatives following behind , then you can risk your life and that of your family by following behind . Please if they can’t do this , know that they are deceiving you and you should start thinking peace , dreaming peace and talking peace because you can never get peace by force . You see my friend , it is not every calamity that brings war but every war brings serious calamities .

  6. I want our leaders to know that what ever they saw they shall reap. they should stop playing games with the lives of innocent citizens. Besides, its quite disheartening that despite so many harsh statements being use or pronounced during campaign, such persons were still voted in to power. in that regards, what more is being expected of such candidate. VIOLENCE
    May God help Nigeria.

  7. It seems you don’t even understand what the sultan is saying or calling for because you people have already been brain wash negatively by those whom you term as your saviors .from what you are saying you are in
    support of the killings of the Hausa’s in Abia don’t you remember that there areIbo people in the Hausa land or have you people sacrifice them if not because of the types of Buhari the Sultan and the responsible elders from North what do you expect would have been on your people in Hausa land or s this because you are staying in the SS or Overseas

    • You have a point about the killings in Abia. No right thinking human being would support. In like manner, the operation in the South East, the inability to show federal character in the appointments by the present regime which gave rise to all these should also be condemned.

  8. Mohammed, if my memory serves, someone in this country promised to make the country ungovernable for Goodluck. He kept that promise. Goodluck survival was Divine.

  9. It’s so surprising that the northerners are Talking like they doing now! when the Ibos where Killed in south Kaduna, Old market road in Sokoto, Jos, etc non of you (Northerners) came out to condemn the Evil act! simply because the Ibo youths are doing stop and Search, all of you (Northerners) are now Crying like Motherless children. Where were u (Northerners) when a Democratically elected leader was dividing Nigeria by 95% and 5% ?

  10. leaders of Nigeria are butterfly thinking themselves a bird. they should go back and retraced what happened to phero and nebucaneza in bible to show them that God is still God, if the did not repent what happened to these men will happen to them one day.

  11. What a big fool u are too,for not regarding human life. Can u create life u fool, what makes every human being different nothing yet u say as if u create one.God bless we all.Amen.mind u religion is a borrowed culture and tribe is an identity and language is means of communication. Muhammad Otue get it into ur skull

  12. It is very disheartening to hear this coming from your mouth. I thought you are responsible but unfortunately you missed the road, I can’t open my mouth and insult any of the religious leader because I value and respect other people’s religion because it is part of my training and what I value the most. I want to also remind you what you think will never happen and Nigeria will remain one indivisible nation and any person who is trying to bring confusion will end on his head so I call upon Nigerians to respect each other’s culture and religion and peace shall reign in our dear country… may Allah bless this country.


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