British pop singer Leona Lewis struggling about money & working in retail to make ends meet?

This is what X-Factor judge Louis Walsh made folks believe when he slammed the X-Factor winner. Leona Lewis won The X-Factor in 2006, winning a £1 million recording contract with Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco Music, but Walsh now claims she’s working ‘in a shop’.


Below is the report from UK’s Daily Star.

“In a recent interview, X-Factor judge Louis Walsh revealed the Season 3 singer is now working in a shop,” as opposed to being the global singing sensation she was back in her 2006 glory days.

Many thought the comments were harsh and he later backtracked. When asked about his comments over her fledgling music career at the X Factor press days later, Louis replied: “Leona had a great career. She sold an awful lot of records. Maybe she just got bored?”

But the longest-serving panellist, who has served 13 years on the ITV show, couldn’t deny 32-year-old Leona’s breathtaking talent.

“She was a great, great artist,” Louis added”

“Bleeding Love was a huge record and she had two or three albums after that.

“I might have said the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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