Celebrity stylist Swankyjerry has a word of advice….

Fashion entrepreneur and style influencer SwankyJerry took to his Instagram page last night to drop a word of advice for the people who bring their private life to Instagram.

People need to realize that Instagram is a MARKET place where everyone is selling their products to people across the world 🌎 So when you bring your family, emotional or personal issues on here you seem MAD .

It’s like going to the market and shouting “I have a problem” Everyone there thinks you are MAD and nobody really cares because that’s not the purpose of a market place .if you really need help call your family and friends speak to them about your situation get help from the people who genuinely love you .

Because the people in the market will only make a joke of your situation and move on to the next person MAD in the market place . keep your private life out of social media…..Sell what you need to sell get your cash and bounce. #swankyjerry #fashionstylist


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