Forbes ranks Lagos the 3rd worst city of drivers,find out what city is ranked number 1

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Here are the 10 best cities in which to drive, based on kfzteile24’s data analysis, noting the congestion level and average speed from the airport to downtown for each:

  1. Dusseldorf, Germany: 20% congestion, 21.20 mph average speed
  2. Dubai, UAE: 26% congestion, 31.70 mph average speed
  3. Zurich, Switzerland: 31% congestion, 25.50 mph average speed
  4. Tokyo, Japan: 26% congestion, 30.50 mph average speed
  5. Basel, Switzerland: 27% congestion, 17.50 mph average speed
  6. Singapore, Singapore: 38% congestion, 32.40 mph average speed
  7. Dortmund, Germany: 23% congestion, 19.90 mph average speed
  8. Vienna, Austria: 31% congestion, 28.00 mph average speed
  9. Munich, Germany: 30% congestion, 27.40 mph average speed
  10. Calgary, Canada: 20% congestion, 26.80 mph average speed

And here are the 10 worst spots on the globe for what we imagine are chronically cranky motorists:

  1. Kolkata, India: 69% congestion, 11.20 mph average speed
  2. Karachi, Pakistan: 59% congestion, 11.20 mph average speed
  3. Lagos, Nigeria: 60% congestion, 10.70 mph average speed
  4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 65% congestion, 21.80 mph average speed
  5. Mumbai, India: 67% congestion, 8.10 mph average speed
  6. Bangalore, India: 64% congestion, 18.70 mph average speed
  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 64% congestion, 14.90 mph average speed
  8. Bogota, Colombia: 48% congestion, 12.50 mph average speed
  9. Mexico City, Mexico: 66% congestion, 17.50 mph average speed
  10. Istanbul, Turkey: 49% congestion, 11.80 mph average speed

Source: ( Forbes Magazine )

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