Here’s Why Morachi Thinks Real Men Will Not Wife An “Instagram Twerker”

Singer Morachi seems to have a peculiar taste in women, at least this is what he has just revealed in new Instagram rant.

Posting on his page last night, the singer shaded unnamed Instagram models who he thinks have no ‘wife materials’, his reason being that a woman who enjoys twerking on Instagram can never find a steady relationship.

He wrote:

Y’all females will shake and twerk y’all ass all day on instagram, Then post sad shit about not having a man. No real man will choose a free IG stripper over a private bedroom freak!!

Atleast Not me…..You can’t play victim when a nigga Fuck you & Feed you lies……He handled you how you put yourself out there. You gotta value you as a woman first Then have this niggas wondering what it’s like to be in your presence……….#DontPlayYourSelf & Act like the victim….you simply Got served what you deserve!!!! let me add more knowledge to this caption for those who claimed they went to school yet have no brains but only beauty!!!

I have got nothing with twerking as it’s equally entertaining…..But if you twerk & show bootie all the time to get the attention of men who will spoil & shower you with gifts & luxury then also be understanding when your time is up & he also gotta move to the next IG popping twerker!!

Just as a whore appreciates her client who paid awesome $$ for her services without cursing the man or just as a video vixen twerks & get paid and move to the next video shoot…also thank the man for the Gucci bag and cash you received not curse him out saying he is a player or a asshole!

If you want to keep that man as a boyfriend / husband then you need to flip the image around to something that suits a wife material!!!! He drives a Benz, got a good crib & phat bank account and you wanna trap him with the same image you used to catch him in the first place ???? Sorry hunny it don’t work like that!!!!! Y

ou wanna keep him cos you fell in love with him then go clean so he sees he had the power to convert you to himself alone!!! I don’t expect you all to have brains!!!! Majority who re bitter with their comments are obviously the ones who played themselves & turned victim! If you bitter victims can’t see I’m on your side and think I am the enemy then y’all need to get yall empty brains back to school to munch on some more knowledge….😎
Designer – @versace_official 😎

Here is what he shared:

source: Stargist

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