If IPOB Leader Wants War, He Must Walk Alone

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In 1970, the last Biafran War came to an end, the present IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was just three years old. Whatever he may know about that war, he must have obtained from his peers, parents, or senior people who experienced that hazardous conflict.

Therefore, now he believes that the people of Biafra have been living in the zoo called Nigeria. So, now he feels the complete readiness to liberate them.

In particular, he told that even if he killed he would be ready for this to the autonomous Republic of Biafra. However, the IPOB leader has been hiding somewhere since recently. Kanu owns a British passport, but it is still unknown whether he escaped to the United Kingdom where he has already gathered considerable wealth as a result of his Biafran campaign.

During his frivolous career, Kanu has been begging for donations worldwide. He assures to build a massive TV station and purchase arms to wage war against Nigeria—“zoo-country.”

The military agencies have recently declared IPOB a terrorist group. Thus, for now, it is not evident if Kanu’s sponsors would come up to any court “in the zoo” to seek for an official pardon.

Civil Wars have always been expensive events in the history of Nigeria. This rude follow-up stated publicly by Kanu is still untying. Now the army is involved in “Operation Python Dance,” and nobody yet knows the cost in human lives.

On August 15, 2017, in Umahia, Abia State, the IPOB leader Kanu announced the formation of the Biafran Security Service (BSS). Later he declared that BBS would do its best to defeat “the zoo.” So, it is hard to believe that anybody would take such steps and yet would imagine no consequences.

Kanu has never believed in Nigeria. For a long time, he has been living abroad. So, he practically knows nothing about the actual Nigerian realities. He gathered his army from thousands of the disappointed, unemployed, and the disheartened people. Kanu calls himself “the Supreme Leader,” who is responsible to nobody except  God. Some of his supporters immediately began worshipping him and agreed to kiss his shoes. So, it was easy for him to persuade his followers that Biafra needs no elections to become the autonomous state.

But the world has changed long ago. And how can a leader in the contemporary society which has already moved from autocracy, be against elections? How is he going to check the IPOB popularity? For example, how can Kanu`s right to demonstrate his political views be greater than the right of Anambra people to vote for the governor they want?

No state on the planet will bear the kind of activities embarked upon by the IPOB leader and his supporters. You never recognize the Constitution. You call your country “Zoo.” You decide to form your own army. You frequently say that “blood will flow.” And yet you are waiting for going home and enjoying a calm life there. It is impossible in the modern world.

Can you really imagine the leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organisation referring Israel as “zoo”? Or calling Israeli leaders “fools, bastards, and imbeciles.” Kanu stands for some Igbos. But he will never represent all Igbos. That person lacks the upbringing, the education, the language, and the culture to become a real leader in the Biafra state.

Kanu must stop hiding and face the consequences of his deeds. Otherwise, his army of supporters will simply disappear. Nigeria really requires constitutional reforms to hold close its fortune. Nigerians do not need any wars in future. Dialogue is the only thing which must be put in the first place and the stupid idea Biafra state as a fighter nation must never be allowed by the Igbos to materialize once more.

The highest price has already been paid. Nigerian people have already learned what Civil War means to thousands of dead and wounded people. No more injuries. Therefore, if the current IPOB leader desires bloody war, he will walk alone.

Source: Nigeria News on Naij.com

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