Kenyan singer Akothee calls out ex-boyfriend who stole her gold necklaces, money to give to side chic and threatened to release her nudes

Kenyan singer, Akothee, has called out her ex-boyfriend who is blackmailing her with her nudes, even after stealing her expensive necklaces, money and mobile phone, all which he gave his side chic.

Akothee further revealed she was forced to stay in the relationship each time he threatened her with her nudes.She wrote;

“A man I dated in the past stole my expensive gold chains sold some and took some to his side chick. He always denied not having an affair. So, so one day they took a photo and forgot to take out the chain. Sema aibu! Every time I came home with my wallet, money was missing; yet we were just the two of us” she said.

“He would start fights from nowhere, just to get to run away and come back when his well was dry. I did not know about Bluetooth. I had a very beautiful picture of mine in my birth suit. He stole my phone and transferred the picture to his phone.

“So, every time I wanted to dump him he would send the photo telling me:

“Kumbuka nina siri zako nyingi.”
“I got so tired of this [expletive]. I just woke up one day and asked him to post the photo or I’d help him do it. He won’t let my phone rest (sic); he would scroll through all my WhatsApp conversations and attack me with messages from people I did not even know.
“I never have passwords on my phones because I am straight, but his, even when his phone rang, you had to key in a password to see who was calling.

“He would create drama over wanting to have a baby with me. ‘Baby, mbona hutaki kunizalia?’
“I would go behind the house, laugh and ask myself: ‘You can’t even take care of yourself! You think a baby is a teddy bear?’

“I was so worn out; I was very tired and unhappy. Every time I thought of dumping him, I felt so empty; I was weak to let go.

“Papa Ojwang wanted to beat him up; he could not stand seeing his baby mama sad. I had all the money in the world but was always feeling empty

“I woke up one day and said enough is enough, I dumped his [expletive] like… Never to hear from him again, blocked him everywhere. Now I am breathing fresh air. Above all, he sees me only on breaking news. Women wake up”


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