Lagos Police APRO Shares Story Of How A Church Boy Kept Firearms For Armed Robbers In A Church

Lagos Police APRO (Assistant Public Relations Officer), Aliyu Giwa, has taken to social media to share the story of how a church boy kept firearms for robbers in a church.

Aliyu Giwa took to his Twitter page to narrate the shocking story of how a church boy who looked inncoent, kept firearms for thieves in a church.

According to the Assistant public relations officer, the sister of the suspect called aliyu out on social media, throwing insults to the police force for arresting her brother.

Giwa then asked her to come to the command to lay her complaint, the sister, the mother of the suspect including the pastor of the church came to the command.

The assistant public relations officer met with the family and was briefed by the officer in charge of the case.

The officer in charge explained to Giwa that the case was a robbery case and that the suspect was among the thieves.

The suspect’s family and pastor claimed that the church boy cannot be an armed robber as the boy looks calm and innocent.

After sometime, the church boy confessed to be among the robbers who killed three individuals during their last operation.

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