Little Girl Chest Does This Every Time She Laughs | Video

A little girl has been found out to be living with a serious condition which makes her heart push out of her chest whenever she laughs.
Virsaviya Borun is a little girl who was born with a heart outside her chest and can push it further every time she giggles and laughs.
According to a Metro UK reports, Virsaviya Borun suffers from thoraco-abdominal syndrome or Pantalogy of Cantrell, meaning her heart is only protected by a thin layer of skin and she is missing chest bones as well as part of her diaphragm and abdominal muscles.
The rare condition affects just five in a million people and the seven-year-old’s family were told to prepare for the worst when she was born.
But the Russian has so far defied the odds and earlier this year travelled to Florida, where she is taking medication to lower her blood pressure so she can have a life-changing operation.
Although Virsaviya’s story has been covered before, a new video was uploaded yesterday. It is not clear what her latest condition is or when the footage was shot.
The seven-year-old last appeared in a post alongside her mother Dari Borun a few days ago.
Speaking to the BBC earlier this year, Dari said: ‘It’s not easy for Virsaviya to live with her heart on the outside because it’s really fragile.
‘She has to be careful as of course she can fall and it can be really dangerous – she can die from that.’
Watch the video below:

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