Match Stopped as Fans Go Berserk with Weapons | Photos

A local match in Nigeria was stopped as a result of a threatening security breach which enveloped the area where the stadium was located.
Throwing of stones and other dangerous objects into the pitch by the supporters of Gombe United after an own goal by a player named Maurice Chedoze resulted into the stoppage of the match for almost 40 minutes.
When tension subsided and the match about to be resumed, Gombe United supporters reportedly resurfaced with dangerous weapons such as cutlasses, knives and sticks.
The stadium manager requested for additional security personnel to beef up security which on arrival started firing teargas and live ammunition to disperse the rampaging fans.
The players were on the pitch as situation worsened while the security personnel engaged the rampaging fans in fierce battle. As the situation was out of control the match commissioner ordered for the immediate evacuation of players and officials out of the stadium inside security vehicles for safety.
While trying to evacuate the players and officials, the rampaging fans cordoned all the exit points of the stadium which led the security to engage them in an open confrontation lasted for several minutes before the security operatives suppressed them.
Source: Tori

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