Mayweather Lavishes Over $250k on 4 Hermes Birkin Bag Bonanza as he goes shopping at Beverly Hills

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t only know how to box and be undefeated, he also knows how to spend, and gather crowd.. The retired boxer went on a shopping spree with the massive loot from his mega-fight with Conor McGregor, dropping something in the region of a quarter million dollars on crocodile skin purses!

The boxing champ was spotted by TMZ leaving Luxury Exchange in Beverly Hills after he binged on Hermes Birkin bags – buying up a crazy expensive 4-pack.

A breakdown of Mayweather’s insane shopping, courtesy of their online store, revealed the following items:

-1 limited edition white crocodile ($125k!!)
-1 black crocodile (at least $35k)
-1 red crocodile (at least $35k)
-1 ostrich (at least $35k)

In total, the quick trip down to the store burned a $230,000 hole in TBE’s pockets.

But the amount is nothing to trip over as ‘Money’ Mayweather is reportedly valued at a stunning $1billion, following his fight with Conor McGregor.

Money, who’s rumoured to be dating reality star Abigail Clarke, rolled out to the store with a hot chic…but it’s not yet clear if he got the bags for her.

Mayweather was also in luck this week as his account grew even larger after hitting a massive £131,000 in total from a Las Vegas casino.

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