Mike Epps to pay ex-wife Mechelle $25,000 a month in spousal support for next six and a half year

American stand-up comedian and actor, Mike Epps will pay his ex-wife Mechelle spousal support of $25,000 a month for the next six and a half years, after his divorce was finalized on Thursday in Los Angeles, ending his 11-year marriage.

According to a TMZ report, the 46-year-old actor will stop paying the spousal support only if Mechelle remarries.

The judge who presided over the divorce case also ordered the comedian to pay Mechelle $15,000 a month in child support for their two children as well as their private school education.

In property settlement, Epps was allowed to keep 10 properties in Indiana and the former couple will sell their Los Angeles family home and split the profits.

Epps will keep his 2016 Mercedes, 2015 Jeep Cherokee, 1979 Cadillace and 2011 Suzuki motorcycle, while Mechelle will get a 2014 Bentley, 2013 Mercedes, 2015 Toyota Prius and a 2013 Land Rover as part of the divorce settlement.

The exes will split royalties from Epps’s film and TV roles including The Hangover, Hancock and Girl Trip.

It was also reported that Epps and his ex-wife agreed to joint legal custody of their young daughters Mariah and Maddie and they still determining the physical custody arrangement for the girls.

Mike Epps who married Mechelle in July 2006, filed for divorce from her in January 2016.

Source: TMZ


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