Parents cry foul after school fine them £240 for taking their children to their uncle’s funeral

Two parents in London, UK are crying foul after a school fined them for taking their children to their uncle’s funeral.

Craig Fowler and his wife Nicole had to fly to Jamaica with their three children to attend the funeral of his brother Algie Ellis, who was shot 15 times.

When they asked their daughter’s school for permission to take them out of class for three weeks, the headteacher reportedly refused.

They decided the daughters had to be there for the funeral and took them along anyway. When they returned, the school fined them £240 (Ksh33,000).

In an interview, Fowler said he also had to go with his family because he has a spinal injury that left him disabled and Nicole is his carer.

He termed the school’s decision to fine him “inhumane.”

He said: “I paid the fine but I just think it’s not fair because it’s not humane, it can’t be human to think like that, to think that somebody’s family does not matter.”