I Rebelled Against God And Got Pregnant At 16

Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo has revealed that she was born with a silver spoon but lost all following a family tragedy.
Veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo has revealed some interesting details about her life many people do not know about during a ministerial event at the Fresh Oil International Church.
The actress shared a story how she rebelled against God and got pregnant at 16. The youth advocate who once served as special adviser on youth affairs to Ex-Governor of Rivers State Peter Odili, said although she was born with a silver spoon, her father’s forced her family to become poor as she had to fend for herself..
She said: “I was born with a silver spoon but death turned me poverty stricken after my father died when I was just nine. I turned away from God at that point because I felt disappointed that despite how much my father loved and served God, He still died.
“After my dad died, my mother completely lost her mind. If she were in U.S, I am sure she would have been diagnosed as a mental case. You know in Nigeria, we don’t consider people mad until they have started eating from dustbin. I rebelled against God at that point and stopped going to church at the age of nine.
“However, I was a very brilliant girl and I got admission into the university at the age of 16. I became rascal and did what girls like that do. I slept with a man and I became pregnant.
“It wasn’t the Holy Spirit that impregnated me. My mom was devastated and disappointed in me because of that. I was angry with her because her God killed my father and we stopped speaking to each other.”

Source: Tori

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