Response to Monalisa Chinda’s message on domestic violence – by Chioma Nwigwe

Dear Monalisa Chinda, atleast 1 in 3 women globally, will experience some form of domestic violence in their life time and 38% of murders perpetrated against women globally are committed by male intimate partners. While statistics are patchy, the incidents of domestic violence against women are reportedly higher in Africa as a result of cultural and social attitudes which seemingly excuse such behaviours.  So before you open your ‘okro mouth’ to speak on such a sensitive and important subject, be sure to do your research.
Several complex and interconnected factors drive domestic violence including  low education, child maltreatment or exposure to violence between parents, abuse during childhood, excessive drug and alcohol intake, attitudes such as yours which are receptive of violence and gender inequality. Increase in women’s economic strength and independence is also being increasingly viewed as a threat by men, leading to increased incidents of violence. On the flipside, lack of economic resources also makes women vulnerable and susceptible to domestic violence.
The absence of legal protection is also a strong factor in perpetuating violence against women.  In all the studies from reputable agencies including UNwomen, UNICEF and the WHO, not one study cited ‘okro mouth’ or anything remotely related as a cause. While we should all strive to season our words with salt and be kind in our utterances, in line with the scriptures, a woman’s loud mouth does not excuse domestic violence against her. I am not oblivious to the fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence and I also vehemently condemn it.
I understand you experienced some form of violence in your past relationship and it takes a lot of strength to speak up about it so kudos to you! However, that does not make you an expert on the subject, neither does it give you the license to fabricate figures just to make a point. You need to do more research and be better informed before you speak. Use your platform for good or don’t use it at all.
Chioma Nwigwe

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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