I Have Slept with 22 Girls This Year Alone – Lagos Big Boy Brags

A privileged Lagosians who rides a G-Wagon vehicle and resides at the highbrow Ikoyi area in the financial hub of Nigeria has lamented on how easy it is to win the hearts of ladies in recent times.

A man who claims to be rich has opened up on how he has slept with about 22 girls this year – 2017. According to him, ladies spread their legs with ease due to the size of his bank account.

In his letter to a relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin, he is seeking for a lady that is hard to get. This has attracted vicious attacks from female folks on the blog.

Read his full story below:

– Tori

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  • He has not met his match.please don’t generalize again.you always meet cheap girls because you also go where to meet them.shhhhh

  • @ Chinyere, my dear you are right, he patronises cheep ladies. Moreover is it a good thing for a responsible man to come to the media and starts saying such things. 1. If you search or do your investigations very well the source of his wealth is not clean. 2. He is somebody that can not face a woman to toast by this he goes to hotel, yes if you go to such place you will see people like you there. My advice to everyone, let us learn to keep our secret a secret whatever you do to any lady should be between you two.

  • You are cheap and you meet cheap girls.Cmon what happens to you holding yourself when the ladies are obviously opening up to you.Grow up and stop generalizing pls.Please you need Jesus

  • Why not kp it 2 ursef.of course u always meet cheap girls.ve u bn promoted @ ur plc of work???or has God added more yrs 2 ur yrs on earth 4 sleeping wit dos girls???

  • I think the guy is very immature, trust me there are so many guys out there who do more than him, but they never opened their mouth even to their closest friend some are not even proud of it, for the girls they too like flashy things even if they will have to pay the price with their life they don’t care.

  • lol,let me clap for you bc u slept wit 22 girls,not all girls are cheap,u think some slept wit u bc of ur money hell no.again y not get married instead of wasting ur sperm.

  • so whats the big deal? doge have sex even ants have sex, and non of them stick to partner, these girls have urgies
    too and you seem to show up only when they on heat

  • The guy is saying the truth, Nigerian ladies of today are worthless bitches…Their love of money is uncontrollably irritating. Most of social vices in the society is been caused by them and the funny thing is they love to reap from where they didn’t sow using their stinking viginia

  • my guy any cheap girl u sleep with (dat is not ur wife) there alwys interchange of spirit n demons…..My brother that means u don get 22 demons only this 2017…..I pity d girl wey go finally setttle down marry u.

  • you dont give what u dunt have. evil begat evil! your soul needs a divine Touch, definite Turn-around, decisive Transformation, dearest Transparency and destiny Translation. the soul that sin, it shall die. one nanosecond in hell all the numerous ladies u have slept with will become futile. visit Calvary, visit Cross, visit Christ!

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