Speed Darlington Blasts Offset Of Rap Group Migos For ‘Using His Slang’, Threatens To Go Spiritual

Nigerian rap sensation, Speed Darlington,  is back in the news and he was not having none of it when popular US rapper, Offset from rap group Migos pronounced himself ‘Not regular’.

Offset had shared a photo with the caption ‘Not Regular’, which obviously had nothing to do with Speed Darlington’s popular phrase, ‘I’m not regular’, but speedy thought otherwise as he put the Bad and Boujee rapper on full blast.

Speed Darlington wrote;

“Somebody tell him he needs to stop biting my style/slang. I know voodoo and I don’t give a f-ck. If you not coming to my concert or doing remix with me?

Then I don’t f-ck with you. I need to be gaining something from you in order to value you otherwise you are regular n-gga.”

Source: Naijaloaded

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