It’s tough for young artistes in Nigeria –Zimo Beat

One of the popular up and coming musicians in Ibadan, Timothy Ekele, aka Zimo Beat, is fast becoming a household name among the local folks. To him, hitting the limelight like his hero, Tu Face, is just a matter of time and focus.

Our correspondent caught up with him at a concert where he featured as a supporting artiste in Ibadan lately. According to the music graduate from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, although Nigeria is blessed with talented young artistes, reaching the top is a major challenge.

“Music has always been what I wanted to do. In Nigeria, I listen to Tu Face’ songs and I am always impressed with the amount of energy and passion he puts into his production. His composition and delivery are sources of inspiration to young artistes.

“Nigeria is blessed with many talented musicians but in the past, the up and coming ones seemed not to be getting the chance to reach the top. Things are a little different now because many young artistes now have the opportunity to work with the established ones and learn from them. We have many young artistes who co-produce hit songs with established musicians and from there, they become household names in the industry,” said Zimo Beat.

His latest music, ‘Na your Grace,’ which was recently released, was recorded and produced by the young artiste, who said he was already working on his next song.

He said, “I produce and record my song to reduce financial implication and to get what I want. Whatever I make from concert, I put it back into my music. I have written more than 50 songs that are yet to be fine-tuned into complete work. Right now, I am working on another song already.

“A few months ago, I released a track titled, ‘Na your Grace’ and I am thrilled with the reception it enjoyed. I did the recording and production by myself. It’s tough for young artistes especially when you don’t have sponsor but it is important to remain focussed. My mandate as a musician is to reach a wide audience that cuts across mankind.”

source: Punch