Ugandan Legislator Put Up On OLX For Sale | Photos

Irate Ugandan citizens have put up a member of the parliament for sale after he was caught urinating on the wall of a building.
A Ugandan lawmaker representing Arua Municipality Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga who was spotted urinating on the wall fence of Ministry of Finance building has been put up for sale on OLX by aggrieved citizens of the country.
Urinating in public, especially on prohibited places is not allowed in the country and attracts a fine.
The act which many found offensive has sparked outrage as people have called on the Kampala City Authority to fine the lawmaker.
Apologizing for the incident, Abiriga who admitted urinating at the building in an interview with NBS Television at the Parliament on Tuesday afternoon said he was “badly off”.
“I was simply urinating but I don’t know why you journalists are spreading the photos even on WhatsApp. I was urinating, what is wrong with that?” Hon Abiriga lamented
“I urinated because I was badly off. How can I keep urine on me? I was answering nature’s call,” he added.

Source: Tori

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