VP’s Daughter Kiki Osinbajo Is All Shades Of Beauty For Her Glam’d Africa Project (Photos)

What was your first experience with makeup like? Any notable memories?
I think my earliest memory of actually wearing makeup was in high school. Of course we were not allowed to wear any makeup in school, but I remember my friends and I used to wear this eyeliner called ‘Kajal’. It’s hilarious to think about it now because at the time I thought I looked amazing with it on! I used to really over-line my eyes with it then add on tons and tons of lipgloss. Now when I look back at old photos I cringe because I definitely looked like a panda! So embarassing!

Do you think you’d ever be interested in creating your own brand of beauty products?

Absolutely! In fact, we are working on a few things under the Glam’d Africa umbrella. I’m quite passionate about skincare too so I would also love to have a skincare line one day. It’s definitely one of my goals.

In addition to that, Glam’d will also be collaborating with existing brands on different products and lines. I think it’s important for us to work together with brands as I believe we would move further and achieve a lot more when we work together.

Here are the photos:

source: Gistmania


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