6-year-old Child Prodigy Becomes Pilot For A Day | Video

A child genius, Adam Mohammad Amer has been given the special honor of becoming a pilot a day by Etihad Airways.

Adam Mohammad Amer, aged just six, has already turned his dreams into a reality after giving the pilots on-board a recent Morocco-Abu Dhabi flight a surprise.
He gave detailed procedural accounts of the aircraft operating systems and demonstrated a deep understanding of emergency procedures having memorized them from YouTube videos.
Adam, of Egyptian-Moroccan origin, became a social media star after the encounter as flight captain Samer Yakhlef, with permission from the family, posted the video online and it soon gained more than 6 million views.
The reward for his devotion to aviation was an invite to the Etihad Airways Training Centre where he was handed a specially made uniform and underwent pilot training – including sessions in the Airbus A380 simulator.
His enthusiasm reminded Captain Majed Al Marzouqi, Etihad Airways Vice President Flight Operations, of his own ambitions to be a pilot from a young age.
He said Adam showed “incredible intellect and knowledge” and hoped the experience has encouraged him to pursue his passion when he is older.
Watch video below:

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