Apase Emi drops new album, ‘Elevation’

Gospel music sensation, Yomi Adebote, also known as Apase Emi is set to conquer new heights with his music as he releases his fourth studio album titled ‘Elevation’.

According to the artiste, the album captures a sequential narration of how any individual can move from their present status to a new level.

Each of the 10 tracks, he says, represents important rungs in the ladder leading to an elevated status.

The album will be presented publicly at a ceremony holding at Banquet Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos on Sunday, October 29.

“When you become elevated, you have to flaunt your new status with the tracks such as ‘All things are new’, ‘Mo r’ogo lo’ (I Possess my Glory), ‘Tuntun Ni’ (It is new), ‘Abanimule’ (Covenant Keeper) and ‘Baba Orun mo Dupe’ (Heavenly Father, I thank you). All are songs that will win glory for everyone,” said the artiste.

‘Elevation’ is an 11 track collection of inspiring gospel songs for people of different age and gender. All songs are composed by the artist and produced by Tosin Aiyeobasan (T-fretque).

The singer revealed that the album will be marketed by TS Media Films Production, Abiodun Oropo Films and Records and Step Up Music.

“I get questions about my stage name regularly,” he admits adding, “Apase Emi (Commander of the Spirit) signifies that I command all spirits through my songs. It is not me but the Holy Spirit that does the wonders and evil spirits to bow down. Alleluyah!”

Adebote, a respected finance expert and investment banker, has an unparalleled passion for inspirational gospel music. He holds a BSc in Accounting from Lagos State University and MSc in Finance from the University of Lagos.

He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Certified Information Systems Auditor and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

source: Thenation


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