Bobrisky Blasts Latasha Ngwube After She Reveals Reason She Can’t Invite Him To Her Show

In a chat with Ebuka on Rubbin’ Minds, TV Personality, Latasha Ngwube, has said she cannot invite Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky to her show, due to his bad grammar.

Watch the video below, But forward to the 3:14 marker

Bobrisky, of course saw the interview, and has reacted to Latasha’s claims. “I am not your mate, Oloshi”, said the crossdresser. “You wanna compare yourself with me oh no your are finished today.”

He continued; “Latasha Ngwube you are a fat Idiot. Your show is the last show I will ever think of attending because I know I won’t come because I hate you so much. You have tried many times saying hi to me but I ignore you a lot. The too much fat in your body is disturbing you.”

“Secondly, this fat pig is talking abeg, can someone ask her how she got the show she’s talking about.”

“The fat in her body is disturbing her brain so I wouldn’t have blame you. Oloshi with small head and fat body. Everybody just wanna be relevant this day using my name to gain attention. Why can’t the bastard face her show and stop pointing fingers on others.”

Source – NGtrends



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