How Couple Escape Death On Their Wedding Day

A newly wedded couple has escaped tragic death on their wedding day after their car got engulfed in huge flames.
A newlywed couple escaped death after they fled their wedding car after a batch of celebratory fireworks were accidentally set off inside the vehicle.
A really frightening footage taken by passing motorists shows the couple’s car engulfed in flames and abandoned by the roadside as the fireworks continue to pop in the distance.
According to Metro UK, the bride and groom had not even officially tied the knot yet and were still being driven to the wedding venue in Yiyang County in Central China’s Henan Province when the blunder happened.
It is unclear how the fireworks were set off, but witnesses said the motorcade was immediately stopped when smoke began billowing out of the vehicle.
The couple ran from their car and were fortunately not injured, with the vehicle engulfed in flames from the fireworks in just 10 minutes, reports said.
The couple then got into another vehicle to make their way to the wedding before the fire brigade arrived. Local police are still investigating the incident.
Watch a video of the burning car:

Source: MetroUK

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