Creepy! IG user claims she saw Tagbo’s ghost today & he asked her to deliver a message to someone

IG user @digwe claims the spirit of singer Davido’s friend appeared to her in the early hours of today and asked her to deliver a message to someone. According to her, she has not met Tagbo before and she doesn’t know anyone that knows him. She posted the image above on her IG page an hour ago and wrote…

“Rip tagbo i dunno y u chose to come to me ?,Wen u kill sumone n u follow d pesin to d spiritual realm to shut him up totally… i dnt no tagbo i v neva seen or spoken to him or know sumone dat knows him.. i av given ur msg to d pesin u wanted me to giv it to but m sorry i cnt share on my page for security was hell gettin ha number but u made it available to me…u r such a sweet n gentle spirit.. pls rest in peace n let God fight for u..?bye’

Tagbo will be buried in his family compound in Anambra state tomorrow, October 20th.

Creepy! IG user claims she saw Tagbo


Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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