Directors keep telling me ‘I’m not black enough’ South African actor, Cedric Fourie says

South African actor, Cedric Fourie is tired and frustrated with movie directors telling him he’s not black enough to play certain black roles in movies.

The Soweto-born actor in a recent interview with Times Live said, ‘I got to a point where I almost felt like I was wasting my time when auditioning for a black male role. How could I be told that I wasn’t black enough just because I am few shades lighter than what Europeans have tagged as black?’


Fourie, who plays the role of a manipulative businessman in SABC drama Skeem Saam says being able to play a different roles is important to him, ‘I want to sell myself as [a] multi-dimensional actor. One who is able to play anything from a drag queen to businessman’ he said.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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