Gifty Power celebrates 24th birthday with emotional post

Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Gifty is supposedly celebrating her 24th birthday. She penned an emotional post about how she lost her father, and how it affected her special day many years ago with lasting effects till today.

She shared her birthday cake and wrote; Yes it’s true i hate birthdays or anything that concerns birthdays because it was on my birthday my dad passed away. So growing up without a dad was extremely fustrating for me but i hid those feelings from my mom because i didn’t wanted her to feel abit down. But, Little did i know that my sweet ANGEL (mom ) had a surprise Birthday all packed up for me.

PS: “I’m horrible remembering my date and people’s BIRTHDAY DATES because i saw no reason celebrating them”. My mom was like “well the moment you lost your dad,you closed every chapters of making friends while growing up and from there you developed that attitude of being on your own, so now you are big girl i just had to search for those friends who never gave on you”..

right there i shed Tears + dump folded. Please MR. Universe sir, i don’t need anyone described as a mother in my life, because with this ANGEL you’ve gladly given to me is more than a PERFECT MOM for me.

Thanks for putting up all this stress/Love just for me..Mom,I Love you so much. I know i can be a pain in y’all asses_ i know but a Giant thank you to everyone for the Love. I’m truly Honoured,honestly.


source: Stargist



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