Gunmen Ambush Bus Carrying University Students In Broad Daylight

A bus carrying university students has been ambushed by gunmen who attacked and wrecked havoc on the students in broad daylight.
Not less than two people are dead and several wounded after 10 Islamist gunmen ambushed a bus carrying students at a university campus in Kenya.
Daily Star reports that two female staff members of the Technical University of Mombasa have been killed gunmen who ambushed a bus carrying students.
The driver of the vehicle, two police officers and several students were also injured when the shooters ambushed their vehicle as it arrived on campus.
Armed police have swooped on the campus in the coastal country of Kwale to hunt for the gunmen.
Eyewitnesses said terrified students fled for their lives and after the gunmen opened fire on the car on Tuesday morning.
Blood-covered students who were wounded in the attack have been seen being carried from university buildings.
A manhunt has been launched to find the gunmen, believed to be members of militant Islamist group al-Shabaab.
The identity of the gunmen was unclear.
Somali militant Islamist group al Shabaab frequently carries out attacks along the Kenya-Somali border and along the Kenyan coast and in 2015 attacked a university in Kenya’s Garissa town, killing 148 students.
A policeman said: “A bus carrying students of TUM (the Technical University of Mombasa) was ferrying them from their hostels to the campus in Ukunda for classes and was being escorted by a van that had some staff of the college and two escort police officers. 
“Armed men numbering about 10 emerged from the bushes and started firing at the van in front.
“As a result two ladies who are staff of TUM were killed in the van.
“The driver of the van and two police officers were injured.”

Source: Dailystar

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