“A guy Impregnated my 16-year-old sister, and I want her to abort it”- Nigerian man seeks for advice

A guy of 27 years old impregnated my 16 years old sister mean while she’s about to write her waec next year.

I called the guy on phone and he said he’s ready to take responsibility of the girl and will marry her , but me I don’t like it that way because she’s too small to bear a child and I don’t want that to happen to my sister because she’s the only girl in my family.

Now the question is I want her to abort the child so she can focus on her education but the guy said he’s ready and my mom called me and said that my sister said if anything should happen to her that it’s on our head.

Please I want you to post it so I can hear people’s opinions on this so I can know the right thing to do because I’m going crazy.

Please I need a good advice on how to follow this matter. My mom wants her to suffer so she can learn her lesson but me she will bring shame to me and my family. I’m just a boy of 22 years old still on the street.


  1. U better live her to go since the guy accepted to marry her, and she is ready to go. So don’t go crazy about it it’s nothing to think about. See, it might be her destiny. All I will suggest for u, is to accept that guy and welcome him. And pray for a peaceful marriage for them.


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