Heartbroken lady mourns her mother who died in Lagos boat mishap on Tuesday

Obaseki Toyin’s mother was one of the 2 persons who died two days ago in a boat mishap in Lagos. The heartbroken lady took to her IG to mourn her mom, who was a Lagos police officer.

She was on her way to work when the unfortunate incident happened. Toyin shared photos with her and wrote;

“Everyone keep asking what happened ….my queen was not sick!!!!!!!!!!!!My mom died on 10/10/2017 on her way to work as the boat she took capsized in 3rd mainland bridge 😢Mom can’t believe I will be typing rip😢💔you alone know how much I love you and always want to make you proud…..you are my everything God knows I Cherish and respect you 😢I told you I was scared of getting married you said to me not to be that as long has you alive you will always be there for me…now you left me 😠you are one nice soul that even everyone around you can testify😢 but death took you away frm us…You have been serving your father land for years even your colleagues know how hardworking and strong you are…no one to call me okomi☹️☹️ sighs!!!RIP My Queen 😩💔…MOM💔💔💔💔💔💔💔I’m grateful🙏🏼and I will always love you ife🌹”