Lady loses family on Kogi road, vows never to visit the state again

In a tribute to her mum and brother who lost their lives on Kogi road due to a ghastly accident over a year ago, a certain lady, Toluwalase Mercy, has vowed never to visit the state again.

She wrote:

“Today could be ur birthday, but bad road in kogi state short ur life….. It funny wen I remember how bad road, killed you nd mom within a month…. If d government can just stop truck from Lokoja-Abuja road, DAT will be nice….. Me, going to kogi??? Lol….. Oohhh sorry if I want to wed, nd U can’t come down to Lagos…. Pls, stay in your line?….. I can’t allow bad road to kill my quests simply bcs am doing wedding….. #BadRoadKilledHim…..#KilledMyMum……#ByeByeToKogiState”


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