Man Dies While Smoking

An elderly man has died a really tragic death after his clothes ended up catching fire while he was smoking some cigarettes.
A 72-year-old Indian property dealer, Jaichand Bidhuri was charred to death after his clothes caught fire when he was smoking.
According to KhaleejTimes, the incident was reported from southeast Delhi’s Tughlakabad.
Bidhuri’s wife told police that she had handed him some beedis (local cigarettes) and matches before the incident and he was alone on the ground floor of the house.
When smoke began emanating from the room, his family members rushed to see what was the matter but the door was locked, the police said.
By the time the door was broken, Bidhuri had sustained severe burn injuries, police said.
Pouring water was of no help as doctors at a nearby hospital declared him brought dead, they added.
Police suspect his clothes caught fire while he was smoking.

Source: KhaleejTimes

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