Meet American model, Symba that caused traffic in Lagos last week

A young model has shut down the damn internet after she and her team caused light traffic on Victoria Island in Lagos, just for a rare kind of photo shoot.

From the videos making rounds online, the model, a dark-skinned buxom beauty, is seen in a stringy bikini that put her massive behind on display, the look was complete with stilettos. She struts across the road, in front of parked cars, while her photographer snapped away at his camera. Also, the model poses on the pavement, besides a palm tree, before crossing the road again, seemingly uncaring of the massive attention she is getting.

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Astounded Lagosians could be heard behind the camera, swearing in righteous indignation, however, none dared to confront to model.

This photoshoot may be the first of its kind in Lagos, and sure thing, everyone wants to know who this daredevil of a model is. But what do folks think about this daring shoot?

“There are beaches and pools for shoots in Nigeria though. All for the wrong type of attention,” said one Instagrammer. Another disagreed with this, saying that the model “has the right to walk around the whole neighborhood….She’s Mama Africa.”

However, some did note that the model put herself in harm’s way, and this is because of the occasional reports of women who were harassed for wearing certain outfits their abusers deemed immodest.

Here is her identity:

Her name is Symba, an American Nigerian model… Here are more photos from that photo-shoot as she poses with Keke Napep.


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