Menstruating Women Get Discounts At Israeli Bar

A bar in Isreal has endeared itself to many women in the country after offering a discount to women in their menstruation period.
A Tel Aviv bar has introduced a “bloody hour,” offering menstruating women 25-per-cent discounts on their drinks.
“You know that feeling, when you are bleeding for 25 per cent of the month?? Then you deserve a 25 per cent discount. Time for a revolution in the nightlife scene, time for a revolution in our day to day,” the Anna Loulou bar said on Facebook.
Anna Loulou, located in the mixed Arab-Jewish Jaffa neighbourhood in southern Tel Aviv, is co-owned by a team of Israelis and Palestinians.
The bar is known as bastion of LGBTQ rights.
The inaugural bloody hour took place on Saturday and will continue every night Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
According to Anna Loulou, no proof is necessary. “It’s based on trust. Just like that,” the bar said.
Source: dpa/NAN